Nuova Elettrica S.r.l is on the market since 1982.

Headquartered in Chiari (BS), Nuova Elettrica S.r.l operates in the fields of industrial automation also with "Turnkey" solutions with regard to the electrical and automation systems using operator interface supervision.

We work in the steel industry, particularly in the cold working, industrial washing machines, trams, trains, rolling stock, machine tools and accessories for radiators nipple, resulting in switchboards, systems on the machine, with custom software PLCs of different brands, using decentralized peripherals with fieldbus.

Specialized in designing and manufacturing of electrical and electronic low voltage control panels, implementation of board machine, software development for PLCs and industrial PCs, electrical revamping of old machinery processing line for a variety of industrial sectors, Motion control boards.

FM Industrial Plants, Lighting, and Medium Voltage Power Center